donderdag 19 december 2013


In Australia, the seasons are defined by grouping the calendar months in the following way:
  • Spring - the three transition months September, October and November.
  • Summer - the three hottest months December, January and February.
  • Autumn - the transition months March, April and May.
  • Winter - the three coldest months June, July and August.

pring - March, April, May
Summer - June, July, August
Autumn - September, October, November

During the winter months the current year ends and a new year starts. The days are shorter and often very cold. Sometimes the precipitation will fall as sleet and snow, and quite often we wake up in the morning to frost and ice on the floor. Winter is usually cold and wet, however it does differ in other parts of the world.

It's simple to know when spring is arriving. The sun rises in the earlier hours of the morning and sets later on in the afternoon. The days get slightly warmer. Spring flowers start to appear, birds start building their nests and the farmers deliver new-born lambs. Weather in spring is very varied. Some days it may be cold enough to snow, and some days it is warm enough to play out in the garden. Spring months can also be awfully windy. Weather varies though in spring, worldwide.

Summer is something we usually all look forward to. The days become both warmer and longer, the sun shines, and the school holidays provide us plenty of time to go out and enjoy ourselves. Although sunny weather is very fun and we can spend more time outside, the sun's rays can harm our bodies. There are some things you need to do to protect yourselves. You shouldn't ever look straight at the sun because it will damage your eyes. Additionally, you have to protect your skin from the suns rays so that you don't get sunburned. Summer weather can vary, but if we are lucky, June, July and August will bring some warm sunny days.

Autumn is a season filled with change. Days become shorter and, although it is often warm and sunny during the daytime, it can be cold at night. In Autumn, leaves fall off the trees and hedges. Additionally, Autumn can bring strong winds and a lot of rain.

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